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Potholes and motor vehicle wrecks

With winter around the corner, people in some parts of the country are likely thinking about ice, snow and other weather-related hazards on the road. However, even when weather conditions are ideal there may be a number of threats to the safety of all drivers and those riding in their vehicles. For example, some roads have a pothole problem, and these potholes can lead to an accident in various ways. It is important to be careful of potholes when you are driving and realize how they could lead to a crash.

What is the first-time drunk driving penalty?

Driving under the influence of alcohol puts you in danger and endangers everyone else on the road. New Jersey has set laws about what will happen to you if you get convicted of a DUI. To begin with, if you drive and your blood alcohol content is 0.08 percent or higher, then you are driving under the influence, according to the Division of Highway Traffic Safety.

Can technology eliminate distracted driving?

Distracted driving is a growing problem throughout the world and it's largely the result of addictive smartphones. Indeed, if you look around at the traffic around you while driving, you'll no doubt catch countless drivers with their noses buried in a smart device.

What safety equipment does a large truck have?

Large trucks are so much bigger than other vehicles on New Jersey roadways that if you get into an accident with one of them, the chances are great that you will suffer the most.  While regulators do not have many onboard safety devices required, trucking companies are more observant and aware. They have started to implement different safety systems in hopes of reducing accidents.

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