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A sudden impact to the neck or back can cause injuries of differing degrees. To make matters worse, these injuries can have slow and nonlinear onsets that present challenging issues for diagnosis; the full extent of a back or neck injury may not be fully known until months after the accident. Additionally, when nerve damage is present, it can slowly have effects on limbs.

When a back or neck injury is more severe, the issue can be debilitating, resulting in potential paralysis. If you suffered a back or neck injury because of someone’s negligence, you might be entitled to significant compensation. Because of the complications involved in these cases, it is essential that you partner with an experienced attorney to understand the extent of your injury and to what you may deserve.

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At Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson, Covelli & McPherson, we are prepared to take the approach that has earned thousands of clients hundreds of millions of dollars in more than two decades of personal injury work to aggressively advocate for you in any neck or back injury case. From the time you get in touch, we will work directly with you and reach out to medical experts as needed to assess the damage to your neck or back fully. From there, we will build the most persuasive possible case for trial. If opposing counsel does not offer what you deserve for your injury in a settlement, we are prepared to bring our expertise to court.

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