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What are some of the driving hazards you face in the fall?

If you’re like many people in New Jersey and throughout the country, you might think autumn is the best time of year. The beautiful changing leaves, the welcome reprieve from the hot summer sun and the upcoming holidays are things that you might look forward to. However, you should understand that there are many safety issues that begin to surface for drivers in fall, which can result in car accidents.

NJ teens who drink and drive face serious consequences

It is nearly every parent’s nightmare to find out a child has been injured or killed in a car accident or arrested for causing a drunk driving crash. Tragically, this nightmare is all too real for many families in New Jersey. Underage drinking is a major cause of accidents for teenagers and young adults across the country, resulting in many innocent people being seriously injured or killed.

Dump truck hits New Jersey Turnpike, driver killed

Large commercial trucks are a great danger to those sharing the roads with them all across the country. Residents of New Jersey may be well accustomed to seeing news reports of truck accidents on the New Jersey Turnpike. As one of the busiest highway sections in the nation, this road receives a great deal of semi-truck and passenger traffic alike.

Cellphone regulations aim to reduce trucker distractions

Every day in New Jersey, as well as everywhere else in the country, people share the road with large trucks. Semi trucks have the potential to cause devastating injuries or fatalities for those in smaller vehicles. Distracted driving is a problem affecting all types of drivers, not just those in smaller passenger cars. Truck drivers may also drive while distracted and cause accidents. The problem has prompted federal regulations to address certain types of driver distraction.

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