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Help For When Accidents Happen On Construction Sites

Construction is a dangerous line of work. However, methods have been carefully developed to prevent accidents from happening on construction sites.

At the law firm of Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson, Covelli & McPherson, in Monmouth County, New Jersey, we are familiar with these methods. We know about OSHA regulations. We know about safety measures required by the unions that construction workers are members of. In fact, we have a whole library of construction safety materials at our disposal. We know how to determine what standards have been violated.

Who Is Responsible For The Accident?

While determining what safety violation caused the construction accident is essential, it is only one step in the process. Our Jersey Shore attorneys need to determine who to hold responsible for the accident. In most cases, it is the general contractor. In New Jersey, the general contractor has the duty to provide a safe workplace for everybody at the site. The good general contractors have regular toolbox talks with everyone on the site to make sure all safety procedures are followed correctly. The bad ones ignore safety to increase productivity.

With more than 100 years of experience on our side, our lawyers know how to hold the bad ones responsible for the accidents they allow to happen on their construction sites.

Accidents Involving Falls

On construction sites, the most severe personal injury cases are those that involve falls. These accidents may include falls from roofs, falls that could have been prevented by using the right safety equipment.

Other falls involve scaffolding that collapsed. Scaffolding injury cases are among the most common construction accident cases.

Other Common Jersey Shore Construction Accident Cases

Our law firm handles all accident cases, including:

  • Falling objects, such as falling materials and falling tools
  • Crane accidents
  • Trench collapse
  • Construction equipment accidents

Get Immediate Help Without Any Upfront Fees

In construction accident cases, you are only required to pay attorney’s fees if we are successful in getting you compensation for your injuries.

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