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Winter safety for cyclists

Being struck by a motor vehicle can be devastating for a cyclist. Severe injuries can be caused by even the slightest clip from a car and with an increase of distracted drivers due to everything from cellphone use to eating while driving, accidents involving motorists and cyclists are on the rise.

Collision avoidance systems key to preventing truck accidents

Drivers in Monmouth County are forced to share the road with trucks on New Jersey’s many highways. Accidents involving trucks are often serious, especially when there is a smaller passenger vehicle involved. That is the why the government and the trucking industry are working to incorporate technology that will keep everyone on the road safer.

What are some tips for safe motorcycle riding in the winter?

If you are an avid motorcyclist, then you likely want to ride as often throughout the year as possible. While winter weather in New Jersey can vary greatly, riding in the cold can be still be a safe activity as long as you follow a few guidelines.

Will automatic braking systems keep me from being in an accident?

New cars are increasingly being equipped with technology that allows them to operate in an autonomous manner on Monmouth County roads. One such feature is automatic braking. This allows your car to brake by itself when it senses that a crash is imminent. While this technology has the potential to prevent injuries and save lives, it is important that you be well-informed about what your car is designed to do and what limitations these types of systems may have.

Some upset that DOT safety campaign does not address motorcycles

Traffic deaths are a huge problem in this country and affect hundreds of New Jersey residents each year. In an effort to combat this issue, a coalition was formed by numerous federal agencies with the goal of eliminating road fatalities in the next 30 years. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, efforts will be focused on installation of rumble strips, increased seat belt use and truck safety, among other things.

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