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Potholes and motor vehicle wrecks

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | Car Accidents |

With winter around the corner, people in some parts of the country are likely thinking about ice, snow and other weather-related hazards on the road. However, even when weather conditions are ideal there may be a number of threats to the safety of all drivers and those riding in their vehicles. For example, some roads have a pothole problem, and these potholes can lead to an accident in various ways. It is important to be careful of potholes when you are driving and realize how they could lead to a crash.

First of all, potholes can lead to single-vehicle accidents if a driver loses control of their vehicle after unexpectedly driving over a pothole. Some accidents may involve a car rolling over or veering off of the road and hitting a tree, for example. Aside from the risk of a rollover accident or a crash which only involves one vehicle, potholes can also lead to a collision which involves a number of vehicles. For example, a driver may hit a pothole and cross over into another lane. Or, a driver may cause an accident while trying to avoid a pothole.

Even if there are no potholes in your lane, you could find yourself in a crash when someone driving on the other side of the road hits a pothole or swerves erratically in an attempt to avoid a huge pothole. These are just some considerations related to potholes and road safety and if you have been involved in a collision it is pivotal to examine all of the accident details.