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What if the driver who killed your loved one is uninsured?

Losing a loved one in Lakewood is never easy. It’s often even more difficult when that person dies unexpectedly. Aside from the heavy emotional toll that just a tragedy can exact, the financial costs can also be great. With the potential of massive medical bills and funeral costs facing them, and it’s easy to why families who lose members in accidents such as car crashes often struggle to meet the expenses of death.

Analyzing motorcyclist reaction times

Many of the motorcyclists riding around Monmouth most likely feel as though their riding skills are sufficient to help them to avoid potentially fatal accidents. However, every year thousands of motorcyclists who probably shared the same belief are killed on America’s roads. Data shared by The Insurance Institute for High Safety shows that of the 542 fatal vehicle accidents that occurred in 2013, over 10 percent involved motorcyclists.

Understanding the rules regarding cargo security

When clients who’ve been involved in a truck accident come to see us here at the offices of Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson, and Covelli, it’s often not due to a collision, but rather an accident involving cargo. Commercial trucks and tractor-trailers transport everything from corrosive agents to construction materials. Yet even cargo that might not seem dangerous can easily turn into fast-flying debris on a highway if it’s not secured properly. In this post, we’ll examine the federal guidelines in place regarding commercial cargo.

Who pays what following a work-related car accident?

Whether you realize it or not, you drive for your work. You may not count yourself among the over 1.7 million commercial truck drivers or 654,300 bus drivers that the Bureau of Labor Statistics currently lists as employed in these industries, yet everyone has at least one instance where they sat behind the wheel of a car in work-related capacity.

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