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Negligent driver charged in crash that resulted in man's death

Driving in New Jersey requires a person's full concentration to follow the rules of the road and recognize potential hazards before it is too late. However, it can be easy for people to become distracted, justify speeding in an attempt to get somewhere faster, try to eat or read a text while driving, and ultimately put the lives of everyone around them at risk. 

Whiplash from car accidents: Symptoms and treatment

When you consider the gravitational forces involved in the average car crash, and you also take into account the way the head is prone to whipping back and forth from the base of the neck, it's understandable how whiplash injuries can happen. Whiplash happens after a violent shaking of the head and neck due to tearing, ripping and straining of the neck muscles, ligaments and bones.

What are some creative ways to keep yourself alert while driving?

If you are a trucker in New Jersey, you face a variety of potential hazards when traveling long distances for your job. Some of these dangers can be environmental hazards, inclement weather, incorrectly loaded cargo and fatigue. In fact, driver exhaustion is to blame for a significant amount of trucking accidents each year. Fortunately, there are precautions you can take to keep yourself alert and prepared without compromising your attention. 

Sleep directly affects crash risks

Getting the recommended eight hours of sleep at night may seem impossible, or even like a ridiculous suggestion, to many people in New Jersey. In fact, getting five or six hours may seem like a challenge when work, commute and family responsibilities fill so many hours of the day. However, CBS News reports that getting into the driver's seat for that commute after such a short night can be extremely risky.

Why pedestrian accidents are so deadly, and how to prevent them

People who live in walkable areas of New Jersey enjoy the benefits of exercise and lower vehicle expenses that come with going places on foot. However, they are also more vulnerable to serious injuries and fatalities in a traffic accident. 

Blood alcohol levels and physical reactions

A driver on the roads of any state in the country could be arrested if his or her blood alcohol content is above 0.08 percent. According to the State of New Jersey's Department of Law & Public Safety, any amount of alcohol could lead to a drunk driving conviction in the state if it results in erratic driving, traffic violations or other signs of intoxication.

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