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Were You Hurt Because Of Dangerous Property Conditions?

Did your slip and fall accident take place on a commercial property, such as a store, a supermarket or a restaurant? The owners of these properties have a duty to keep their properties safe for visitors. When their failure to fulfill that duty leads to a serious accident, such as a slip and fall, they can be held accountable.

In Monmouth, Ocean and Hudson Counties and the Jersey Shore and the surrounding parts of New Jersey, the law firm of Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson, Covelli & McPherson, works hard to hold property owners accountable for accidents. We work hard to get compensation for people like you. We have more than 100 years of combined experience and the results to prove how hard we work.

Slip And Fall Accidents On Ice Or Snow

The law is clear: Owners of commercial properties are obligated to inspect for any dangerous conditions. That includes ice and snow. Owners must properly salt or sand sidewalks and walkways. They must remove snow where it could be hazardous. They absolutely must check for places where melting causes water to pool and then freeze.

Even though ice and snow are naturally occurring conditions, owners of commercial property can be held accountable when these conditions become hazardous to visitors on their property.

Slip And Fall Accidents On Spills Or Obstacles

In supermarkets and stores, the layout is designed to keep visitors’ eyes on the products being sold, not the floor. Owners of these establishments have a duty to keep the floor clear.

In order to hold the owner responsible, they must have been on notice of a hazard. However, if the accident occurred in a part of the store where spills, fallen objects or other obstacles in the walkway are common, they are considered to be on notice automatically.

Our attorneys are ready to see that negligent property owners provide compensation to accident victims.

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In premises liability cases, you are only required to pay attorney’s fees if we are successful in getting you compensation for your injuries.

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