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Examining motorcycle passenger rights

Some of those that we see here at the offices of Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson, and Covelli who are dealing with the effects of a motorcycle crash aren’t motorcyclists at all. Rather, they were those who trusted a spouse, family member, or friend enough to hop on the back of their bikes and take a quick ride. Unfortunately, they often discover all too quickly just how little protection a motorcycle provides in a crash. Therefore, it may be important that one know his or rights as a passenger following a motorcycle collision.

What elements go into an accident reconstruction?

The chances for successfully earning compensation following a car accident in Monmouth may depend largely upon the findings of an accident reconstruction. The responsibility for analyzing the results of a reconstruction typically falls to prosecutors investigating the potential criminal elements of the case. Even in the event where no charges are filed or charges are eventually dismissed, the findings of the reconstruction could prove to be helpful in determining liability in a civil action. Thus, it behooves one to understand the process of how a reconstruction takes place. While this information should in no way be viewed as a substitute for actual legal advice, it could prove helpful in ensuring the correct information is presented in a reconstruction report.

New Jersey woman reportedly drove drunk with child in car

Even though drunk driving is irresponsible and dangerous, drivers continue to get behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol. Sadly, in Monmouth and across the state of New Jersey, more people continue to suffer serious injuries and die in drunk driving accidents. Whether someone loses a friend or family member in a car accident caused by a drunk driver or experiences a crash firsthand, they should try to take action immediately.

New Jersey driver loses life in accident

Whether someone is hit by a drunk driver or has their entire world turned upside down because someone was texting and driving, there are many reasons why car crashes occur. In Monmouth and throughout the state of New Jersey, some of these car accidents could have been prevented and can be more difficult for victims than many realize. For example, someone may struggle with lost wages due to a personal injury sustained in the accident.

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