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Repeat drunk drivers pose a major danger to others

Despite continued efforts by law enforcement to catch drunk drivers and by authorities to educate the public on the dangers of driving while intoxicated, drunk driving is still a considerable problem across the country. Every day, thousands of people are injured or killed in drunk driving accidents. The most recent statistics by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration state that in 2014, 163 people were killed in alcohol-related auto accidents in New Jersey.

Dangers of tire blowouts involving commercial trucks

It is a common sight along the New Jersey Turnpike and other freeways across the country – the remnants of blown tires litter the roadway, a reminder that blowouts are frequent and may result in a serious accident. Some people humorously refer to tire litter as “road gators,” although the reality is far from funny. Blown tires often cause drivers to lose control of their vehicle, which may result in running off the road, overturning or crashing into other cars on the freeway. In some cases, sparks from the wheel underneath a blown tire may cause a fire to the vehicle or nearby brush.

Drowsy driving might equal drunk driving

Almost everyone in New Jersey, as well as across the country, remembers the devastating crash on the New Jersey Turnpike that involved comedian Tracy Morgan. Reportedly, the truck driver who plowed into Mr. Morgan’s vehicle had been overly fatigued. Despite the lesson this incident might have taught, many people continue to drive while drowsy on a regular basis.

Report: urban pedestrian accidents more dangerous than rural

In a recent post in this blog, pedestrian dangers in busy city areas were discussed. Urban congestion contributes to a large number of accidents in New Jersey and elsewhere in the country, but is by no means the only way for pedestrians to be struck by cars.

Apps and vehicle technology address problem of distracted driving

Distracted driving is an issue that affects everyone across the country, including in New Jersey. Anyone can drive while distracted, but this danger is particularly prevalent among drivers under the age of 20. Why? Cellphone use, of course, is tempting for teenagers and young adults, even while behind the wheel.

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