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Who will be liable if a self-driving car causes an accident?

If you were to get into an accident in Monmouth County today, chances are that accident would be caused by some kind of negligence on the part of another driver. Therefore, that driver would most likely be found liable for the accident and for any monetary damages, which payout would come through his or her insurance company.

How an attorney helps after an accident with a commercial truck

In many ways, commercial trucks are integral to modern American. They transport products from manufacturers and importers to retail and distribution facilities. They move large quantities of raw materials, including milk and lumbar. Their drivers contribute substantially to the United States economy. They command decent pay because they are highly trained to drive those big trucks safely. However, their size, the very thing that makes these trucks useful in a broad sense, can also be the most dangerous thing about them.

Worries increase after loosening of truck safety rules

Sharing the road with trucks is part of everyday life for most Monmouth County drivers. Accidents involving semitrailers are often very serious because of their size and weight. That is why the government regulates the trucking industry with the aim of keeping everyone on the road safer. However, some such safety regulations have recently been rolled back, creating worry that roads will become more dangerous.

How can cars safely share the road with motorcycles?

Roads in New Jersey are very diverse. You may find yourself driving on a rural two lane road and a major interstate all in a matter of minutes. Therefore, knowing how to share the road with lots of different kinds of vehicles is important so that driving can be a safe experience for everyone. Here are some tips for safe driving when sharing the road with motorcycles.

How the graduated driver license program keeps NJ drivers safe

Parents in Monmouth County likely worry a lot when their teens get behind the wheel. They may find it comforting then to know that New Jersey’s graduated driver license program is doing a good job of keeping teen drivers safe. According to New Jersey 101.5, teen drivers were involved in 3,885 deadly crashes across the country in 2014. That represents about a 10 percent increase. However, in New Jersey the number of fatal crashes actually decreased and many contribute that fact to the existence of the graduated driver license program.

How can I avoid being involved in a road rage incident?

If you feel threated by aggressive drivers while traveling on Monmouth County roads, you are not alone. According to a study done by the AAA Foundation for Safety, almost 9 out of 10 drivers feel personally threatened by people who drive aggressively. However, a bigger concern may be what happens when that aggression escalates into road rage. Many of us feel frustrated or angry at other drivers and let our emotions rule our actions. But resorting to certain behaviors may only make the situation worse. Here are some ways that you can avoid being involved in an incident fueled by road rage.

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