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What safety equipment does a large truck have?

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

Large trucks are so much bigger than other vehicles on New Jersey roadways that if you get into an accident with one of them, the chances are great that you will suffer the most.  While regulators do not have many onboard safety devices required, trucking companies are more observant and aware. They have started to implement different safety systems in hopes of reducing accidents.

According to, some safety features have been pretty standard for years, such as stability control. However, newer options, including updates to old systems, allow for better choices to add to trucks. For example, collision avoidance devices are common. Active braking and additional sensors can help to increase safety as well. Newer technology helps ensure systems work better and faster. They are also more reliable.

The main goal for adding safety devices and other equipment to trucks is to prevent accidents. When an accident occurs, it affects the trucking companies in a big way. Not only are they often liable for damages but also it slow production and leads to income loss. Plus, it keeps drivers safe. If you think about it, you probably would rather drive for a company that provides you with a truck that has safety features rather than a company that does not. In the long run, this is incredibly beneficial to companies.

Additional safety features are really up to the individual companies. It is their money that must go into added them to trucks. It is beneficial for everyone on the road when trucking companies see how much good adding safety devices and equipment. This information is for education an is not legal advice.