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Social host liability considerations in New Jersey

With summer quickly approaching, and graduation and wedding season moving full-steam ahead, countless families across the state of New Jersey are planning for a number of parties and large events. Gatherings may vary in size from including a few close relatives to large groups of friends and acquaintances alike, but may often involve alcohol. In such cases, it is all too common for happy moments to turn into tragedies. Social host liability is a factor in many drunk driving accident cases, and can be an important aspect of effectively pursuing personal-injury claims.

Effectively engaging in personal injury protection arbitration

If you sustained injuries in a motorcycle collision with another vehicle, you are likely eager to ensure that you receive the medical care and rehabilitation that you are entitled to as an accident victim. After all, you did not cause the collision in question and the insurance company should support your injury claims. Unfortunately, however, the attorneys at the law firm of Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson & Covelli, L.L.P., are all too well acquainted with the fact that insurance providers often attempt to avoid covering the full amount of medical expenses that accident victims incur. That is why we strive to advocate on behalf of our clients through the entire personal injury protection arbitration process.

Determining liability in multivehicle car accidents

Given that motorists are confronted by an increasing amount of traffic congestion throughout Allenhurst and beyond, it is not unusual for car accidents to involve more than two vehicles. Often times, even relatively minor multivehicle collisions result in injuries because cars can be struck numerous times from various directions. Determining fault in such cases can be especially important and difficult for accident victims, since a number of different factors can come into play.

Have fatal crashes been on the rise?

Texting, changing music, eating, chatting with passengers: there are many reasons why a driver might be distracted on the road. This does not even include other issues such as driving while intoxicated. But just how many fatal accidents have occurred over the last decade, and has the trend been worsening or improving?

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