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As a beginner, what can I do to stay safe on my motorcycle?

Whether you are a beginner or perhaps taking up riding again after a long break, it may be tempting to hit the road in Allenhurst without putting much thought into it. However, if you want to remain safe on your motorcycle and decrease your chances of being seriously injured in an accident, you may want to take a more thoughtful approach. Here are some tips for riding your motorcycle if you are new or out of practice.

Where does NJ rank when it comes to drunk drivers?

When drivers who have had too much to drink get behind the wheel in Monmouth County, it can have disastrous results for you and other people on the road. Drunk driving accidents can cause serious injuries and are often fatal. A new study has shed some light on which states have problems with arrests and traffic deaths resulting from drivers who are under the influence.

Are New Jersey's distracted driving laws enough to protect you?

You have seen them sitting in traffic on your daily commute: the person in the car next to you at the stoplight checking his email; the woman that drove by in the next lane, obviously texting on her phone. Distracted driving is responsible for a significant amount of car accidents all across the country. This is why many states, including New Jersey, have enacted very tough distracted driving laws. However, are these laws enough to protect you and your family from becoming the victims of someone that chose to take a phone call instead of paying attention to the road?

New law in Utah lowers BAC for DUI to 0.05

Drunk driving is a pervasive problem and New Jersey has adopted laws that not only punish those who get behind the wheel after drinking but also serve to deter others from doing so. While most areas of the country use 0.08 as the maximum percentage of blood alcohol content that is considered legal to operate a vehicle, one state is looking to lower that threshold as a means of reducing drunk driving deaths.

Ignition interlocks: separating fact from fiction

Accidents involving drunk drivers in Monmouth County can be especially frustrating for victims and their families since they are usually preventable accidents. Despite laws that make driving drunk illegal and stiff penalties for doing so, some people make the poor decision to get behind the wheel after imbibing alcohol anyway. In order to cut down on repeat offenders, many states have begun to utilize tools to keep those people from driving drunk. One such tool is an ignition interlock device.

What are some tips for motorcycling safely in the rain?

As winter weather gives way to spring in New Jersey, rainy days will become more frequent. While warmer weather may entice you to get your motorcycle out of the garage and on to the road, riding in the rain can present some safety issues. Here are some tips for being safe when confronted with spring showers.

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