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A look at why driving under the influence is so dangerous

When people have been socially drinking and entertain the thought of driving home on their own, they are mistakengly making a decision that could ultimately put themselves, their passengers and all other motorists around them at extreme risk. While driving under the influence has legal consequences in New Jersey, it can also create major hazards when impairment affects a person's ability to make responsible decisions. 

Will my motorcycle helmet make me safer on the road?

Allenhurst motorcycle riders should always think safety, and one important component to preserving your life while riding your bike on a New Jersey highway is finding the right motorcycle helmet. But how can you be sure your helmet will provide the proper protection and not hamper your performance on your bike? suggests a few ways to evaluate a helmet when you seek to buy one.

How you can stay safe from common hazards when cycling

You have dreamt of getting a motorcycle for quite some time now and have recently made your first purchase. Aside from your bike looking sleek and providing promising adventure, you are excited to begin learning about how your motorcycle functions and what kind of power it has. At Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson & Covelli, we are familiar with the potential risks and hazards faced by motorcyclists in New Jersey.

How you can use evasive action to avoid deadly collisions

You are cruising along at highway speeds on a busy thoroughfare in New Jersey when out of nowhere, a small passenger car cuts you off. Because you are driving a big rig, you are unable to slow down and find yourself violently swerving into the next lane to avoid a deadly collision. What would you have done if there was not another lane next to you? At Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson & Covelli, we are familiar with the risks that truckers face when they spend hours traveling between destinations. 

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