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Can older cars be retrofitted with safety technology?

If you live in Monmouth County and drive an older model car, you may be wondering whether many of the safety features available on newer cars can be added to yours. Buying a new vehicle is not always feasible for many people or perhaps you have personal reasons for holding on to your car instead of trading up. The good news is that some of the main safety technologies available on new cars can be easily added to older model cars.

The importance of staying right except to pass

Pretty much anyone who has driven on one of New Jersey’s busy highways has noticed someone going slow in the left lane at one time or another. Not only is this practice annoying to many people, it is also technically illegal and potentially dangerous, according to Vox.

Can I file a claim for damages if my spouse got hurt?

If your spouse suffered a serious injury in a motor vehicle accident, he or she might be able to file a personal injury claim to recover financial damages. That claim will zero in on the fault of the party that caused the accident, citing negligence, unlawful activity and other factors.

State of NJ focusing its efforts on combatting distracted driving

Things like passengers, radios and mirrors have always posed a danger to drivers in New Jersey since cars became part of mainstream society. However, with the advent of smartphones, the potential for distraction behind the wheel is at an all time high. At Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson & Covelli, we know how serious distracted driving accidents can be and that keeping your family safe is important to you.

Two injured after intoxicated truck driver causes accident on GWB

Sharing the road with trucks on New Jersey’s numerous and busy highways is unavoidable. When accidents with such large and heavy vehicles occur, the results can often be devastating for those in smaller vehicles. When a driver is operating a tractor trailer under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it can be even worse.

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