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Death of family in car accident prompts criminal charges

While millions of people happily travel by car across the state of New Jersey and the entire country every day, the truth of the matter is that driving presents a number of serious dangers to motorists. Drivers can follow road safety guidelines and take every precaution possible, but there is always the chance that someone else’s negligence and/or wrongdoing will cause a serious and even fatal collision. That is why it is so important for liable parties to be held accountable under the full extent of the law.

Wrongful death damages recoverable in New Jersey

It is impossible to accurately quantify the loss of a loved one, or truly appreciate how a sudden death can affect a family. Unfortunately, however, fatal automobile accidents happen every year and force families all across the state of New Jersey to realize the emotional and financial losses that are known to accompany such tragedies. State wrongful death guidelines do account for multiple types of damages, allowing qualifying survivors of fatal accident victims to seek financial compensation on several grounds in many cases.

Addressing concerns over verbal threshold stipulations

You and other New Jersey residents spend millions of dollars on auto insurance every year. Hopefully, you may never be in an injury accident or have any other reason to file a claim with your insurance provider. In the event that it is necessary to seek compensation for some kind of accident injury, however, you expect for your insurance company to be there for you. Unfortunately, though, the attorneys at Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson & Covelli, L.L.P., are all too familiar with the fact that insurance providers often implement policies intended to prevent injury victims from pursuing compensation claims. The verbal threshold, for instance, is one tactic that insurance companies are known to use.

Motorcycle collision stats and prevention methods

Most people who have ridden a motorcycle at least once in their lives may agree that the experience is like no other. Motorcycles offer a degree of freedom and adventure that many people crave, as well as serve as an efficient and reliable form of transportation. For all of the advantages that go along with riding motorcycles, however, there are several major disadvantages and safety risks. That is why it is important for all motorcycle enthusiasts in the state of New Jersey to be aware of the dangers so that they can be proactive about protecting themselves on the road.

Car accident investigation and reconstruction considerations

Determining fault in some automobile accidents is much easier than in others. In fact, it is not uncommon for serious questions to be raised over why and how a collision occurred. In such cases, it may be necessary to conduct a comprehensive automobile accident investigation, which can include reconstructing the crash. New Jersey law enforcement agencies and private companies both regularly perform such services; however, they can have very different purposes in mind.

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