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How common is substance abuse in the trucking industry?

Today’s truck drivers have a career that requires considerable responsibility, but regrettably, many of them behave in a manner that is anything but responsible. Based on size and weight alone, large tractor-trailers pose a threat to other motorists across New Jersey and the nation, but when the people driving those tractor-trailers are also abusing alcohol or drugs, the trucks become even more potentially deadly.

Study: Measuring the safety of hands-free cellphones

In New Jersey and in many other states in the nation, drivers are prohibited from using hand-held cell phones while behind the wheel. This legislation came after the rise in fatal car accidents caused by distracted drivers and people using their cellphones while driving. As a result of the ban of hand-held cell phones, motorists started using hands-free cellphones. While these devices allow drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road as they talk on the phone, they may not be as safe as some think.

Developing a team that prioritizes safety and responsibility

For companies that rely on their employees to transport products or services to other vendors in New Jersey, the risks of managing a fleet of vehicles and drivers can be quite serious. Reducing the number of accidents that their employees are involved in and being able to confidently rely on those same employees to uphold the company's reputation are paramount to the overall success of their organization. 

Can you spot a distracted driver on the road?

You probably understand that distracted driving poses a risk to you on the road. Perhaps you refuse to text and drive. That is a very smart decision that can help keep you and other people safe. However, you are still at risk because of the people who do text on the road.

Can you encourage your child to be safe in the car?

Helping your children realize the value of being safe in the car is imperative to set a foundation of good habits that promote responsibility and vigilance. When you prioritize safety in and around a vehicle, you can feel more confident in your children and their ability to make decisions that will serve to protect them even if they are traveling with friends in New Jersey. 

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