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Developing a team that prioritizes safety and responsibility

For companies that rely on their employees to transport products or services to other vendors in New Jersey, the risks of managing a fleet of vehicles and drivers can be quite serious. Reducing the number of accidents that their employees are involved in and being able to confidently rely on those same employees to uphold the company's reputation are paramount to the overall success of their organization. 

Some of the ways that companies can achieve this objective are by providing adequate training for their employees and instructing them on the dangers of poor driving habits including distraction and reckless behavior. According to the Travelers Companies Inc., general health and wellness is one area that should be revisited frequently in helping employees to identify potential dangers. For example, they should be aware of how medication consumption may affect their ability to focus while driving. Encouraging exercise can be a valuable way for employers to also discuss how obesity-related illnesses can potentially create dangerous medical episodes. 

Can you spot a distracted driver on the road?

You probably understand that distracted driving poses a risk to you on the road. Perhaps you refuse to text and drive. That is a very smart decision that can help keep you and other people safe. However, you are still at risk because of the people who do text on the road.

It's only natural to want to do something to improve your chances of safety and reduce your risk of an incident caused by a distracted driver. Your best way of reducing risk related to other people texting while driving is to teach yourself how to identify distracted drivers while at the wheel.

Can you encourage your child to be safe in the car?

Helping your children realize the value of being safe in the car is imperative to set a foundation of good habits that promote responsibility and vigilance. When you prioritize safety in and around a vehicle, you can feel more confident in your children and their ability to make decisions that will serve to protect them even if they are traveling with friends in New Jersey. 

Your children will readily watch what you are doing and are prone to follow your example, which means that your choice to buckle your seatbelt as soon as you get into your vehicle is an important step. The behaviors you do or do not participate in while you are driving are critical when you are teaching your children how to be safe. Refrain from being distracted and especially, using your cell phone. Talk to them about the meaning of various road signs and how their information helps you to make knowledgeable decisions when you are behind the wheel. 

Why should you contact the authorities after a car accident?

If you are involved in a car accident, your injuries and the damage to your vehicle can range in seriousness depending on the point of impact, how fast you and the other driver were traveling and the area the collision occurred in. Assessing your situation and making calm and responsible decisions can sometimes be challenging when you are in shock or trying to take in the seriousness of your situation. Understanding when to contact the authorities in New Jersey is vital to helping you make an informed decision if you are ever involved in a collision. 

The collision you are involved in could be nothing more than a fender-bender with neither you or the other driver seeing the value or necessity in calling the authorities. According to, if the damage on your vehicle or the other person's vehicle is in excess of $1,000, authorities should be contacted. Contrary to what people may think, it does not take a hard impact for $1,000 worth of damage to be caused. Especially if either vehicle involved in the crash are newer models that still have a significant market value. 

Accidents from Tesla autopilot mode continue to happen

When Tesla first unveiled its astounding and sleek technology, people were enthralled by the revolutionary and futuristic function and appearance of the product. The development of their autopilot technology has taken the auto industry by storm and has introduced new and exciting possibilities. However, people in New Jersey and around the nation are questioning its overall safety after accidents where the autopilot technology was engaged, appear to continue to happen. 

In a recent accident that happened in Florida, the entire top of a Tesla was shaved off after driving directly under a large commercial truck that was crossing the highway. The driver was killed in the accident that resurfaced concerns that people originally voiced after a similar accident a few years back when another driver was killed after the autopilot mode appeared to have failed to detect an obstruction. 

Distracted driving high among millennials

People in New Jersey who are concerned about the ongoing problem of distracted driving have good reason for their fears. Data shows that among teens, distracted driving contributes to almost six out of every 10 vehicular accidents. It also seems that texting and driving, while the most common form of distracted driving, is not the only thing people still do with their phones when they should be focusing on the road. 

USA Today reported that in a new survey, 37% of millennial drivers aged from 18 to 34 felt a great pull to answer messages when driving. It seems that some of this urge comes from their desire to remain connected to their careers and jobs. Commute times have become additional work times for many people these days. This is leading some to encourage more business owners and managers to communicate their desire for safety over prompt message responses to their employees.

Beware of drunk drivers, especially at night and on weekends

Many factors can come into the picture when there is a motor vehicle wreck. One cause of these tragedies is impaired driving. Around 29 percent of fatalities caused by drunk drivers in the United States occur in New Jersey. The most recent data note that in 2017, alcohol-related crashes claimed 10,874 lives in this state.

The problem of drunk driving isn't new. It has been around for a long time, but it appears to finally be improving a tiny bit. The number of fatalities decreased by 1.1 percent from 2016 to 2017. Despite this improvement, there is still a lot of work that must be done.

Can allergy medication affect driving abilities?

There are all sorts of reasons why a driver’s abilities behind the wheel may be disrupted, whether they consume alcohol before getting in their car, do not get enough sleep at night or have worked a very long day. However, some people do not realize that the allergy medication they take could also have a negative impact on their ability to stay safe on the road. If you struggle with seasonal allergies, it is especially important to be aware of how allergies—and certain drugs you may take to help with your symptoms—could increase the chances of a motor vehicle crash.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, some allergy medications can lead to drowsy driving, which could result in an auto accident. There are a number of ways in which drivers may be affected by allergy medications, even if they do not seem to feel drowsy after taking them. For example, a driver’s reaction time may be slower, and they may feel confused, which can be disastrous behind the wheel. Moreover, consuming alcohol and taking other drugs that may interact with allergy medication can cause a driver to become even more drowsy while on the road.

How can I prepare for a road trip this summer?

With summer practically here, many New Jersey families are already planning epic road trips. While fun and relaxation are top priorities, you also want to ensure that you and your family remain safe on the way to your destination. In this case, Nationwide recommends the following road trip safety tips. 

Schedule multiple rest breaks

Speeding and motorcycle collisions

Motorcyclists have to watch out for many risk factors on the road, from poor road conditions as a result of ice to drunk drivers. Speeding is a major concern when it comes to motorcycle crashes, and many motorcyclists have been hurt or even killed as a result of high speeds. Whether a motorcyclist goes over the speed limit or they are struck by a driver who is speeding, these accidents can be especially perilous at high speeds. Sadly, this behavior will undoubtedly result in even more fatalities and injuries in the coming months.

People speed for many reasons, whether they are running late for work or they simply do not show regard for the law. When a motorcyclist is struck by someone who was driving too fast, they should not hesitate to stand firm and consider which legal options may be on the table. Whenever a motorcycle collision takes place, the outcome can be devastating, but this is especially true when a crash happens at high speeds. A motorcyclist may be killed on impact or they may be thrown from their motorcycle and sustain massive injuries.

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