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How an attorney helps after an accident with a commercial truck

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2016 | Truck Accidents |

In many ways, commercial trucks are integral to modern American. They transport products from manufacturers and importers to retail and distribution facilities. They move large quantities of raw materials, including milk and lumbar. Their drivers contribute substantially to the United States economy. They command decent pay because they are highly trained to drive those big trucks safely. However, their size, the very thing that makes these trucks useful in a broad sense, can also be the most dangerous thing about them.

When a typical passenger vehicle is in an accident with a commercial truck, there can be severe injuries, up to loss of life. Especially in winter conditions, truck accidents can change your life in an instant. Although fatal crashes have decreased, commercial trucks still injure and kill thousands annually. If you have recently had a loved one seriously hurt or killed in an accident involving a commercial truck, consulting with an experienced New Jersey law firm is crucial.

Truck accidents can be financially devastating

If your loved one was injured, there will be medical bills, including possible surgeries, physical therapy, and trauma care. There will also be a loss of the income he or she was making as the individual recovers. If the person was fatally injured, your family may still incur medical bills, as well as funeral and burial expenses, compounded by the permanent loss of his or her contribution to your household. Members of your family may also need therapy and counseling to move through their loss and grief.

The time it may take for a conclusive accident report to be compiled by law enforcement and the insurance investigation can cause delay between the accident and the insurance payment. This can leave your family in a situation where bills are accruing, but no one is paying them. You may not even be able to replace or repair the vehicle involved in the accident. Your family is going through enough right now, without needing to worry about damaged credit and paying bills.

An attorney can help advocate for your family

Insurance providers, especially commercial and business insurers, are likely to underestimate the cost of the damage in an accident. This can mean that your family receives a low settlement or payout offer shortly after the accident. The insurance company wants to minimize their losses. That means they are undervaluing yours. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney can protect your family from being tricked or manipulated by an insurer. They can review similar cases and determine if an offer is appropriate, given the situation. They can also directly negotiate with the company.

Alternatively, an experienced personal injury attorney can help your family determine other methods of recovering financially, up to a civil lawsuit against responsible parties. The attorney can handle the details of filing and fighting on your behalf. That allows your family to focus on healing.