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Worries increase after loosening of truck safety rules

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2016 | Truck Accidents |

Sharing the road with trucks is part of everyday life for most Monmouth County drivers. Accidents involving semitrailers are often very serious because of their size and weight. That is why the government regulates the trucking industry with the aim of keeping everyone on the road safer. However, some such safety regulations have recently been rolled back, creating worry that roads will become more dangerous.

Specifically, a rule was in place that regulated rest breaks for truck drivers. Drivers are required to take a certain number of breaks during their work week and one long break before beginning a new work week. According to Fox News, sleep experts maintain that sleep is especially important during certain times of the night and therefore, under the rules, truckers were also required to include certain early morning hours in their break times.

However, that requirement was recently blocked by Republican lawmakers, as was a condition that prevented drivers from beginning a new work after the required rest period in the same seven-day period as a previous work week. Safety advocates fear that this will lead to more truckers getting behind the wheel while they are tired.

Some also fear that when the new Republican administration takes office next year, even more scaling back of truck safety regulations will follow. Efforts by those in the trucking industry will likely be made to increase the allowable length and weight of trucks. According to New Jersey 101.5, the weight of trucks is very important. Trucks are built to carry a certain amount of load in order to operate safely. Heavier weights could make things like turning and stopping more dangerous, putting everyone on the road at increased risk for an accident.