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What elements go into an accident reconstruction?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2015 | Car Accidents |

The chances for successfully earning compensation following a car accident in Monmouth may depend largely upon the findings of an accident reconstruction. The responsibility for analyzing the results of a reconstruction typically falls to prosecutors investigating the potential criminal elements of the case. Even in the event where no charges are filed or charges are eventually dismissed, the findings of the reconstruction could prove to be helpful in determining liability in a civil action. Thus, it behooves one to understand the process of how a reconstruction takes place. While this information should in no way be viewed as a substitute for actual legal advice, it could prove helpful in ensuring the correct information is presented in a reconstruction report.

The information contained in Crash Reconstruction Basics for Prosecutors released by the American Prosecutors Research Institute goes into great detail about the standards set for analyzing a crash reconstruction. Much of the information used to reconstruct the accident is obtained from the reports filed by law enforcement officers detailing the circumstances of the crash. During the analysis of these reports, prosecutors are told to look for the following accident elements:

  •          Are the vehicles involved secured for inspection?
  •          Are witnesses to the accident readily available to be contacted?
  •          Was sufficient photographic evidence taken?
  •          Were accident conditions altered prior to being documented?
  •          Did officers thoroughly inspect the scene to look for adverse road conditions?
  •          Have the appropriate follow-up investigations been conducted?

Although the onus of thoroughly documenting an accident falls to law enforcement, accident victims can help to ensure the all of the appropriate information is gathered in order to paint an accurate picture of what occurred.