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What are some tips for motorcycling safely in the rain?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

As winter weather gives way to spring in New Jersey, rainy days will become more frequent. While warmer weather may entice you to get your motorcycle out of the garage and on to the road, riding in the rain can present some safety issues. Here are some tips for being safe when confronted with spring showers.

According to Ultimate Motorcycling, one of the ways in which wet weather makes roads unsafe for motorcyclists is that it can make things very slippery. Parts of the road with metal such as plates and manhole covers may be especially slick when it is raining. Therefore, paying close attention to the road and keeping an eye out for slippery surfaces can help you avoid an unwanted crash.

It may not seem obvious, but what you wear may also play a part in preventing you from being in an accident. Wearing the proper gear, especially things that are waterproof, will keep you and dry and comfortable. You will then be better able to focus on your driving rather than your discomfort from being wet. It is also vitally important to maintain your bike and check your tires every time you go for a ride, but it is especially crucial when the weather is bad. Underinflated tires will not be able to maintain proper traction with the road.

Finally, it may be a good idea to leave extra space between your motorcycle and other vehicles when it is raining. This is because it will take you a longer distance to stop when things are wet and you want to leave yourself as much room to maneuver as possible so that a collision can be avoided. This is not intended to be legal advice and is provided only as general information on this subject.