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Drowsy driving might equal drunk driving

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2016 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Almost everyone in New Jersey, as well as across the country, remembers the devastating crash on the New Jersey Turnpike that involved comedian Tracy Morgan. Reportedly, the truck driver who plowed into Mr. Morgan’s vehicle had been overly fatigued. Despite the lesson this incident might have taught, many people continue to drive while drowsy on a regular basis.

It might be easy to discount drowsy driving as a real danger, especially when compared to other hazards such as texting behind the wheel or driving while intoxicated. However, numerous studies around the world have come to the conclusion that drowsy driving should be taken seriously. Driving while sleep-deprived, in fact, can double a person’s risk of causing a crash. Some safety experts claim that the impairment suffered by those low on sleep is equivalent to driving drunk.

Fortunately, avoiding a drowsy driving accident should be as simple as getting a good night’s sleep, points out the National Sleep Foundation. Those who are sleep-deprived should seriously reconsider the ramifications of getting behind the wheel. Drinking caffeine during a long trip will not be effective for long. Instead, pulling over for a nap could save a life. It might be a good idea to bring a passenger who can switch turns driving so both drivers can get some rest in between turns. Also, those who take medications that cause sleepiness should not drive.

It is not always possible to prevent others from causing an accident, despite taking the best precautions. Compensation may be available for those who are injured in a collision.