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Dump truck hits New Jersey Turnpike, driver killed

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2015 | Truck Accidents |

Large commercial trucks are a great danger to those sharing the roads with them all across the country. Residents of New Jersey may be well accustomed to seeing news reports of truck accidents on the New Jersey Turnpike. As one of the busiest highway sections in the nation, this road receives a great deal of semi-truck and passenger traffic alike.

A deadly crash on August 5 showed how a trucking accident in heavy traffic can be sudden and devastating. According to authorities, a dump truck hit an overpass near Exit 13A on the New Jersey Turnpike. The driver of the truck was killed in the accident, which also caused a fire and completely closed down traffic for four hours. It was uncertain whether the truck was too tall for the overpass or struck the side of the structure.

Many of the drivers and passengers stranded on the Turnpike left their vehicles to wait it out. One motorist called the incident “Carmaggedon” and said he had never seen anything like it. Authorities were concerned that the accident also compromised the stability of the overpass, including power and gas lines located under the structure.

Fortunately, nobody else was injured in the accident. However, if the damage to the overpass isn’t properly repaired, it is possible that someone may suffer an injury in the future. If this happens, it would not be unreasonable for the victims to seek compensation for their medical expenses and other losses. In a case such as this where the truck driver was killed, the trucking company may hold liability.

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