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Why do teens get into more fatal car accidents?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2023 | Car Accidents |

There are many specific reasons why teenagers get involved in fatal car accidents. They break the speed limit. They talk to passengers. They get distracted by the cellphone. They drive aggressively. Everyone who has been involved in a crash may be able to point to specific factors that they believe caused it.

It’s interesting to note that teenagers, however, have the highest fatal accident rate out of any age group. This suggests that something else is going on. After all, many adult drivers suffer from potential distractions or break the speed limit at times. These things aren’t unique to this age group, so why is it that teens really get involved in so many more accidents?

They lack experience

The biggest issue is that teens do not have much experience as drivers. They haven’t been doing it for long and so they are lacking skills that older drivers have. They may not be as good at reading road conditions, paying attention to the flow of traffic or understanding how much they need to reduce their speed as they go into a corner. They may not be as good at adjusting their driving tactics for the weather conditions because it could just be the first time they’ve driven in those weather conditions.

This is not necessarily a teen driver’s fault. It takes time to get experience and they just need to spend more time behind the wheel.

But the problem is that an inexperienced driver is simply prone to mistakes. These driving errors are going to continue to happen as teenagers gain experience, and others can be injured or even killed in the accidents they cause. In these situations, it’s important for those involved to understand how to seek financial compensation for funeral costs, medical bills, lost future earnings, lost wages and other costs.