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Do truck drivers’ payment systems lead to accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

Different factors contribute to truck accidents. Undeniably, you would expect apparent causes, such as inadequate training, unrealistic schedules and poor vehicle maintenance. However, some truck accidents can be linked to a company’s payment system.

Here is how this may happen: 

Pay per mile

With this option, a driver is paid a certain amount per mile. While it’s a common payment mode in the trucking industry, it can encourage risky behaviors, such as speeding and failing to take breaks. A driver may want to complete more miles to make more money.

Percentage of the load

Some trucking companies, especially those that haul goods in medium to short distances, pay drivers a percentage of the load. Accordingly, a driver may overload their truck to increase their pay. 

Which payment options are safe?

Besides the above-discussed systems of compensation, the trucking industry uses other options which can be safer. These include fixed salary and hourly pay. 

Nonetheless, these options do not automatically guarantee safety performance. A trucking company should pay truck drivers satisfactorily to prevent drivers from neglecting their duties. Paying drivers for all their on-duty time, including loading and unloading hours, can also make a difference.

Further, a well-paying job is highly likely to attract skilled applicants. When a company has qualified drivers trained frequently, they can reduce the chances of accidents occurring. Low pay can discourage qualified drivers from applying for a job.

In addition, research shows that trucking drivers who are paid benefits, such as employment-based health insurance, are less likely to commit traffic violations. 

Compensation plays an integral part in trucking accidents. Different elements contribute to these, including unsafe payment systems and unfair pay. If you are injured by a truck driver, consider getting legal guidance to understand your options.