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4 defensive driving techniques

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Drivers should be aware that an accident can happen at any time. Thousands of people have them every day.

How can drivers reduce the chance of auto accidents? They can practice defensive driving. Here are a few defensive driving techniques:

1. Plan your route before you drive

One way drivers can avoid accidents is by knowing where they’re intending to go. Planning the route ahead of time, or entering it into the satnav before setting off leaves a driver free to concentrate on driving rather than navigating.

2. Scan your surroundings and the road ahead

Drivers can avoid accidents if they’re more aware of their surroundings. Drivers should check their side and rear-view mirrors to spot other vehicles. They should also look further ahead on the road to spot anything they might need to avoid, such as an accident, construction or blockage.

3. Watch for turn signals

Another thing drivers should watch for is other vehicle’s turn signals. Drivers should use their turn signals to indicate to other drivers what they intend to do. Drivers may need to keep in mind that they can’t always expect other drivers to do what’s expected, such as signal when they’re changing lanes.

4. Watch for blind spots

Most cars have some kind of blind spot. Drivers need to be aware of where their blind spot is in their side mirrors. If a driver suspects a vehicle is in their blind spot, then they should look over their shoulder before changing lanes.

An auto accident can happen at the worst time. Drivers may need to be aware of their legal right to seek compensation.