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With severe injuries, you may qualify for more compensation

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Vehicle accidents are a leading cause of severe injury and death in the United States. Many victims emerge from an accident with disabling injuries that affect their lives for a long time.

You may know that most car accident victims are compensated for their losses (injuries, property damage, etc.) through an insurance claim. However, New Jersey’s accident laws allow those with catastrophic injuries to seek noneconomic damages or pain and suffering as well.

Traumatic amputation

Sometimes, an accident itself results in a traumatic amputation. For example, glass or sharp metal could totally or partially sever a finger, arm or leg. Other times, the limb is so severely damaged in the crash that doctors have no choice other than to remove it through a surgical procedure.

Spinal cord injury

Vehicle accidents are a top cause of spinal cord damage and can lead to severe medical hardships. Some accident victims suffer complete or partial paralysis while others suffer long-term limb weakness. Typically, spinal cord injuries require ongoing medical care and therapy regardless of severity.

Traumatic brain injury

Your head can get pretty banged up in a crash, sometimes resulting in a traumatic brain injury. Those with relatively minor ones may recover with proper care, but some experience long-term problems with memory, thinking and mood. In severe cases, brain injuries lead to complete disability.

A pain and suffering award can help you meet the costs of treatment and therapy for severe crash injuries. However, it is not automatic so you must include your bid for these damages in your claim. Legal guidance can help you make a strong and compelling claim for pain and suffering damages.