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2 reasons to seek medical attention after a car accident

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2023 | Car Accidents |

The moments following a car crash can be confusing and upsetting, to say the least. This may be especially true if you had nothing to do with the accident in question. Thanks to the adrenaline rush, you might be tempted to conclude you haven’t sustained any injuries at all. As a result, you might opt to go home rather than to the emergency department of the nearest hospital. But this can be a costly mistake.

Whether you feel hurt or not, it is in your best interest that you see a doctor as soon as possible following a car crash. Consider the following.

Your health is critical

You need to seek medical attention to protect your health. While injuries like cuts and broken bones are easily noticeable following a crash, more sensitive ones like brain injuries and internal bleeding may take hours or days to become symptomatic. Left undiagnosed and, thus, untreated, such injuries can lead to serious complications or even death.

You’ll need evidence for your car accident claim

If you are planning to sue the liable party for damages, then it is important that you obtain evidence that substantiates your case. And one of the most crucial pieces of evidence you’ll need to litigate a personal injury claim is your medical report. By seeking prompt treatment, you will obtain a doctor’s report that may directly attribute your injuries to the car crash in question. Without a doctor’s report, you’ll have a difficult time proving that any injuries that you may have sustained – “invisible” or not – are accident-related.

Protecting your interests

If you are involved in a car accident that is not your fault, you may be eligible for financial restitution. Learning more about New Jersey car accident laws can help you protect your interests while pursuing a personal injury claim.