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How could drivers help keep motorcyclists safe?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents |

The best practices for road safety often involve everyone doing their part. Drivers operating a motor vehicle might realize that motorcyclists often face additional risks. Motorcycle accidents on New Jersey roads could leave a biker with severe injuries. Drivers who take extra steps to make the streets safer for motorcyclists could keep someone from suffering extreme harm.

Awareness and precautions

Drivers should keep an eye out for motorcyclists, and this step may involve being more mindful of blind spots. A motorcycle is much smaller than a truck, so drivers may miss seeing one. Added alertness helps, and so does asking any passengers to look for and mention the presence of motorcycles.

Awareness extends to parking, backing out of driveways, and moving around in parking lots. Safety concerns for motorcycles are not exclusive to the open roads. When on the road, beware of motorcyclists who “share” lanes between two vehicles. Some motorcyclists are willing to take risks, putting everyone in danger.

Intersections might bring added dangers to motorcyclists. For example, not seeing a motorcycle at an intersection, combined with an ill-advised turn, may send someone to the hospital.

Overall good driving habits help

Drivers who want to keep motorcyclists and themselves from ending up in an accident should not engage in dangerous behavior. Speeding and other moving violations create dangers. Not adjusting driving habits to better suit inclement weather reflects another way of increasing risks.

Eliminating any behavior that contributes to distracted driving might be long overdue for some motorists. Eating while driving or playing with a multimedia system could create enough distraction to cause a crash.

Negligence plays a role in numerous motorcycle accidents. Whoever is at fault may then face a lawsuit and a subsequent judgment.

An attorney may evaluate an accident case to determine appropriate damages. The attorney could also work to settle with the defendant’s insurance company.