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Can poor training create legal liability for a truck accident?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Anyone who drives a semi-truck or commercial truck knows that training to drive safely is very important. There are inherent risks to driving a large or heavy vehicle on the roads. In New Jersey, poor training can be the basis for legal liability in the event of a truck accident.

Can poor training amount to legal negligence?

When an employer hires someone to drive a commercial vehicle, they must properly train the person for the job. That means teaching them what they need to know to handle the vehicle safely. Hiring a driver that is not qualified or failing to train them appropriately can make the employer liable for damage when an accident occurs.

What amounts to proper truck driver training depends on the vehicle and the type of training involved. A person who drives an ambulance in a city needs different training than a person who drives a semi-truck on snow and ice, for example. When truck accidents occur, the law instructs the parties to look at the training that the driver received and compare it to the standard of a reasonable person and the training they should have. Proper training may include ongoing and corrective training as appropriate.

How does poor training factor into truck accident compensation?

If an employer is legally liable for a truck accident because of negligence, they may claim the damages available to them under New Jersey law. New Jersey law uses a hybrid system that combines both at-fault and no-fault compensation systems. Even if a driver selects the no-fault system, they may still demand a wide range of compensation including pain and suffering if they suffer from serious or permanent injuries as defined by law. Understanding how poor training can factor into truck accident liability can help the victim understand their rights and claim the appropriate amount of compensation for their injuries.