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Putting your cell phone down while driving may save lives

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Not all car accidents can be avoidable, but there are way too many that happen because a driver is multitasking while driving. Fighting off personal distractions you face, like your cell phone, may help reduce the injuries and deaths that happen as a result of being a reckless and selfish driver.

Cell phones and driving don’t mix well because they often involve all three categories of distraction that a driver can come across. Drivers who use their cell phones often become more fixated on the content they are consuming than what is happening on the road. Cell phones can also force a driver to look away from the road and take their hands off the steering wheel. This combination is practically an invitation for an accident.

In fact, in 2017, cell phones were a distraction source in nearly 14% of fatal crashes caused by a distracted driver. Plus, there is research to show that emergency rooms in states with texting bans, have seen a lower number of patients needing medical attention after a car crash. Being able to work toward a reduction of deaths and critical injuries can truly be as easy as putting your cell phone down.

Here are some ways you can resist the urge to use your phone behind the wheel:

  • Set your phone in your trunk or somewhere out of reach
  • Pull over somewhere safe if there is an emergency reason to use your phone
  • Make playlists when you aren’t driving to eliminate playing DJ while driving
  • Use an app or setting to shut off specific phone functions as your drive

If you try everything you can to put your phone down while driving, but it’ become too much of a habit or an addiction. You put some self-help to work or seek out a therapist. And if you need help because you recently collided with a distracted driver, then a personal injury can share legal options for you to consider.