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Seasonal allergies and motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

With spring around the corner, many people in the U.S. are looking forward to better weather and longer days. In fact, these changes can decrease the likelihood of accidents on the road. For example, many areas will not have snow or ice and weather conditions are generally milder across the country. However, this seasonal change also brings up various concerns regarding traffic collisions. For example, many people take their motorcycles out in the spring, increasing the chances of motorcyclist injuries and fatalities. Moreover, certain factors, such as seasonal allergies, also increase the chances of these accidents. 

There are multiple ways in which seasonal allergies make a motorcycle collision more likely. For starters, motorcyclists who suffer from allergies are often at a higher risk of a collision. For example, allergy symptoms often make it more difficult to see the road and sneezing or itchy eyes also create problems when it comes to riding a motorcycle. Moreover, even when a motorcyclist does not suffer from allergies, the risk of an accident is increased when those driving other vehicles suffer from allergies. Allergy symptoms can make it harder for drivers to notice motorcyclists and avoid accidents. 

Regardless of the cause, motorcycle accidents shatter lives in a lot of ways. Victims struggle with a myriad of hardships and it is a long path forward for many. It is imperative to look over your legal options and leave no stone unturned while examining the details of what took place during the accident and we discuss other issues that are related to motorcycle crash consequences on our blog.