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How friends can help friends not to drive drunk

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2019 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

It is no secret that drunk driving continues to be a problem around the nation and New Jersey is no exception. With lawmakers striving to pass stricter laws regarding how much people should be allowed to consume if they wish to continue to drive, the temptation to operate a vehicle after drinking still seems to badger a lot of people. While it is a person’s responsibility to be accountable for their own decisions, perhaps people’s willingness to watch out for their friends can also reduce the prevalence of drunk driving.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, statistics show that a stunning 50 to 75 percent of already convicted drunk drivers, continue to operate a vehicle despite the fact that their license has been suspended. This startling number means that the risks of a person reoffending are increased by an exponential amount.

Safeco Insurance provides people with several helpful suggestions to consider in their efforts to encourage their friends to be responsible and avoid the urge to drive after having had some drinks. Some of the things that people can do to protect their friends and other innocent motorists include the following:

  • They can offer to pay for a rideshare company or taxi service to take their friend home.
  • They can offer to be the designated driver at events where they know drinking will be taking place.
  • They can use persistence and honesty in telling their friend that it is not appropriate or safe for them to be driving home.

If people know that their friend is planning an event with drinking as a part of the entertainment, they can encourage their friend to make arrangements ahead of time to completely eliminate the risk of drunk driving.