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What can I do to feel comfortable driving after a crash?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2018 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Getting back behind the wheel after you have been involved in a serious motor vehicle accident in New Jersey can be difficult. For many people, anxiety and fear creep in. Memories of the accident can plague your mind. It can be tough to let go of your worries and drive again when your last experience was so traumatic. However, as with anything like this, you just need to “get back in the saddle” so to speak because unless you never drive again, there has to be a first time after the accident.

Geico suggests preparing for your first time behind the wheel after an accident ahead of time through taking a defensive driving course. This type of course helps you to learn how to handle adverse driving conditions and errors by other drivers while keeping you and your vehicle out of harm’s way. It can instill you with confidence and give you important skills to avoid an accident again in the future.

It also helps to start out slowly. Do not embark on a long trip your first time out. Instead, take a short trip close to home. Maybe run to get gas or stop by a local store. It can also help to take someone with you who can take over driving.

Above all, if you feel entirely too upset to even think about driving again, then seek help. You should talk to others about how you feel. Don’t bottle things up. It can really help just to talk about what you feel and get others insight. This information is for education and is not legal advice.