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Executive order could be death knell for truck safety regulation

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017 | Truck Accidents |

Stories of accidents involving trucks on New Jersey’s busy interstates are extremely common. Regulation of the trucking industry falls on the federal government. Striking a balance between adapting rules that keep people safe while not being overly restrictive and inhibiting trucking companies’ ability to do business is not always easy.

A mandate from the Department of Transportation which would have required devices on trucks to limit how fast they can travel is now blocked from being implemented thanks to an executive order issued by President Donald Trump, reports Autoblog. In addition to saving many lives, it was expected that the regulation would also save the trucking industry more than $1 billion in fuel costs, thus offsetting the costs to owners of installing the speed-limiters.

However, some believe that there is too much regulation and that such rules prevent businesses from flourishing. According to the Insurance Journal, the executive order requires federal agencies, such as the Department of Transportation, to eliminate two rules for every new one that is adopted. It also placed limits on how much such new regulations may cost. Devices to limit the speed of trucks are commonplace in other developed nations around the world and some domestic trucking companies already voluntarily use them.

So, despite the lives and money saved, and despite support from federal agencies and those within the trucking industry alike, the speed-limiter regulation may never come to fruition unless two other rules are axed in the process. It is unclear how many other regulations involving the safety of those who travel the nation’s highway may be affected.