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New technology sets its sights on preventing motorcycle deaths

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

It is a fact of life that cars and motorcycles must share New Jersey’s many roads. Operators of both kinds of vehicles are faced with the danger of being in an accident. However, because riders are so exposed, crashes involving motorcycles tend to be extremely serious.

In fact, riders are 30 percent more likely to die in a road crash for every mile ridden. In large part, this is because drivers of cars do not always see motorcycles until it is too late. That is why one Israeli company is working on developing technology that would allow vehicles to communicate with each other and alert riders when a crash is imminent.

Technologies like this face one giant hurdle, though. In order for them to be effective, they would need to be installed on every single vehicle on the road. This could be possible in the United States if the federal government issued a mandate requiring it. The technology is currently being tested in Germany, where it is estimated that it could prevent one-third of all motorcycle accidents from occurring.

The technology works via a Wi-Fi signal that alerts a vehicle to the presence of other vehicles on the road. Experts theorize that it could also be taken a step further and used prevent accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists by utilizing smartphones.

Motorcycle crashes can be very serious and sometimes deadly. People who have had their lives impacted by road crash involving a motorcycle may wish to consult with an experienced attorney.

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