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N.J. fatal crashes lower so far this year

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2015 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

As winter quickly approaches in New Jersey, the chances increase for motorists to be involved in serious accidents. The holiday traveling season, which began near Thanksgiving, will likely continue throughout Christmas and the New Year. Snow, ice and fog may create a dangerous driving situation for those hoping to travel to spend time with their loved ones.

Officials from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration believe that increased traveling during the first six months of the year led to a rise in fatal crashes across the country during that time period. There were 16,225 people killed in traffic accidents between January and June 2015, representing an 8.1 percent increase over the same time period in 2014. However, the crash fatality rate in New Jersey was lower than it was during this time last year. 261 people were killed in crashes in New Jersey the first six months of 2014; during that same time period this year, 251 motorists lost their lives in New Jersey. Burlington, Middlesex and Camden counties are those with the highest numbers of fatal traffic accidents so far this year.

It is to be hoped that the lower trend will continue in New Jersey throughout the rest of the year and that holiday travelers can reach their destinations without mishap. During the remainder of the winter season, drivers in New Jersey and elsewhere should understand the additional risks posed by adverse weather and road conditions. Those who are harmed by negligent, reckless or intoxicated drivers have the right to pursue compensation.

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