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Effectively engaging in personal injury protection arbitration

On Behalf of | May 21, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents |

If you sustained injuries in a motorcycle collision with another vehicle, you are likely eager to ensure that you receive the medical care and rehabilitation that you are entitled to as an accident victim. After all, you did not cause the collision in question and the insurance company should support your injury claims. Unfortunately, however, the attorneys at the law firm of Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson & Covelli, L.L.P., are all too well acquainted with the fact that insurance providers often attempt to avoid covering the full amount of medical expenses that accident victims incur. That is why we strive to advocate on behalf of our clients through the entire personal injury protection arbitration process.

As the accident victim, your top priority should be your health and well-being. Therefore, you should be proactive about undergoing the medical tests and treatments that your doctor recommends. This is not the time for you to worry about why or how you are going to pay for accumulating medical expenses, especially when you may have been forced to take time off of work because of your injuries. The insurance company handling your injury claims may have other plans, though.

In an effort to avoid paying any or all expenses relating to personal-injury claims, insurance providers are known to dispute injury diagnoses and/or deny other factors relating to medical claims. If this happens in your case, it may be necessary to engage in personal injury protection arbitration with the insurance company. PIP arbitration can be a long and complex process, as it can involve a number of legal challenges and bureaucratic delays. Too often, the insurance company wins arbitration simply because the claimant gave up on defending his or her case.

Failed PIP arbitration can be especially detrimental for motorcycle accident victims because they may be forced to cover the full amount of their medical expenses. Having sound legal counsel can go a long way to help ensure that PIP arbitration ends of your favor. Learn more about negligent driver liability and the personal injury protection arbitration process by visiting our web page today.