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Should a pet be unsecured in a car?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Some animals love their freedom and detest anything they consider restricts it. If your cat has always sat on your lap while you drive, telling them that is no longer possible might not go down well. However comfortable their cat box is, they may resist you putting them in it, even if that means scratching you in the process.

Dogs can be just as difficult. Imagine you tell Digby that he can no longer sit on the passenger seat and stick his head out of the window but must stay on the rear seat in a harness. He’ll either pull those sad eyes that you find so hard to resist or run away the moment you try to put the harness on. 

Does that mean you should just give up?

No. However much your pet thinks they are in charge, as the driver of the vehicle and owner (and parent) of your pet, you are. Think of it as tough love. Unsecured pets could easily be injured or killed in a crash. It could even happen if you brake suddenly to avoid a crash and they are thrown forward.

They could also injure you and the other vehicle occupants if they are thrown toward you. Remember, some pets weigh a lot. Unsecured pets could also increase the chance of a crash by distracting you, blocking your view of the road or getting in the way of your feet on the pedals.

If you are in a collision with a driver who had an unsecured animal, showing how their pet affected their driving might help you get the compensation you need.