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3 costume tips to make trick or treating safer for your child

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Halloween can be a fun night out for kids. Yet, while they try to dress up scarily, you’ll get a very real fright if a car injures them.

The roads are busier than usual on Halloween as parents drive their kids to the best trick-or-treating spots and adults drive to parties, so there is increased danger. Here are some things to consider to stay safe:

Choose costumes that let your kids see properly

Darth Vader didn’t have to deal with traffic. Peering out of small eye openings in a Star Wars mask makes it harder to cross the road safely. An ill-fitting mask can fall down and block their vision altogether.

Dress them so your kids can be seen by others

While black is a favorite color on Halloween, it’s hard for drivers to see. If your child wants to be Darth Vader, for example, make sure you bring enough batteries to keep their lightsaber lit all night. Alternatively, try persuading them to be Luke and dress in white to increase the chance drivers will spot them. Costumes with glow-in-the-dark details, like skeleton outfits, are also a good choice.

Choose something that allows your child to walk normally

If you need to cross roads, you need your child to be able to concentrate on getting across quickly. Having to focus on avoiding tripping over the long train of a Dracula’s bride dress will be dangerous.

While you can choose your route to avoid too many road crossings, sometimes they are inevitable. Bear in mind that some drivers’ costumes might affect their ability to drive safely. It’s a driver’s responsibility to watch out for pedestrians, but it pays to be proactive to keep your child safe. If a car hits your child, legal help could be crucial to understand your compensation options.