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Is it true that you can “beat” a Breathalyzer?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2022 | DWI |

If you get pulled over during the Fourth of July weekend (or anytime this summer), the odds are high the police officer is going to be looking at you closely for signs that you’ve been drinking. One of your buddies, however, has told you that they have a foolproof method for “beating” the Breathalyzer test.

Could there be any truth in what they’re telling you? Probably not.

Urban legends about beating a Breathalyzer are just myths

There are several urban legends out there that supposedly guarantee good results with a breath alcohol test – and the vast majority of them are nothing but magical thinking or bad science. Some of the one that get bandied about the most include:

  • Self-induced burping to “clear” the alcohol from your system. This actually can raise your blood alcohol content (BAC) reading because the burping brings more alcohol up from your stomach.
  • Eating paper, napkins or pieces of cloth. This is supposed to “soak up” the alcohol in your system, but it doesn’t work. You’ll probably just make yourself sick on top of blowing a high BAC score.
  • Putting a penny in your mouth so the copper neutralizes the alcohol in your breath. Not only are pennies mostly nickel, there’s no scientific basis for the idea that copper will somehow neutralize the alcohol molecules coming from your lungs.
  • Eating spicy food or chewing gum can fool the Breathalyzer test. These may cover up the traces of alcohol on your breath, but they won’t change you BAC one bit.

There’s nothing wrong with having a good time – or a few drinks – but drinking and driving can lead to major legal problems. It’s far better to arrange for a ride home after you’ve been drinking than risk a DUI charge. If you are facing charges, however, don’t let a simple mistake negatively affect the rest of your life. Experienced legal guidance can help you understand your potential defenses.