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Keeping your dog safe in the car: Here’s how

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Car Accidents |

The weather is finally getting nice, and you think it is time to take your dog to the dog park for a little air. The drive to the park is not bad, so you let your dog sit upfront, knowing your dog enjoys their head out the window and the wind on its tongue.

Car crashes happen all the time, and with so many people taking their dogs in the car with them, dogs are killed or injured in vehicles all the time. If the dog is traveling loose, it could fly into and harm you or the other humans in the vehicle.

Here is how you can protect your dog and yourselves in a car accident:

Use pet carriers wisely

Pet carriers are great to transport your furry four-legged friends wherever you go, that includes in the car. It is remarkably easy to keep smaller dogs from running around your car and being a distraction. Anxious or excited dogs can easily disturb your attention and decrease the likelihood of avoiding a crash.

You should consider strapping the pet carrier onto the seat. A strapped-in carrier can minimize the chance of your dog flying around in a crash.

Pet harnesses are good alternatives

It may be harder for you to use a carrier if you favor larger dogs. Pet harnesses consider the anatomy of dogs and can be used as alternative seat belts. A car accident could send your dog forward, and the harness prevents them from going too far.

Your pets matter to you, and so does their safety. If you and your dog were recently in a car accident, then you may need to seek legal help to recover compensation.