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Are electric cars really safe?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2021 | blog, Car Accidents |

In New Jersey and across the United States, focus is intensifying on the production and use of electric cars. An ever-increasing number of electric automobile advocates, governmental officials and vehicle manufacturers are setting their sights on a proverbial endgame in which electric cars will be widely in use across the country. A variety of questions and concerns are being raised as a result of the expanding use of electric vehicles. A key query is electric cars really safe?

History and electric car safety

When the idea of electric cars was initially starting to become something of a reality, prototypes and early marketed vehicles arguably were less sturdy and substantial than their conventional vehicle counterparts. Even with the advent of hybrids, those types of vehicles initially did seem to be less robust than conventional cars, leaving the sense that they might be more susceptible to significant damage and severe injury in the event of car accidents. Such a state of affairs has changed, and markedly so.

Study concludes electric cars are at least as save as conventional vehicles

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has analyzed crash-test performance coupled with injury claims in developing a report on the safety of electric cars in this day and age. The end result of this study is that electric cars are at least as safe as their conventional vehicle counterparts. In fact, there is evidence that on balance electric cars are safer than conventional vehicles in the event of car accidents.

In summary, research from the Institute to date indicates that passenger injury claims were 40% lower for electric than conventional vehicles. Consumers do not have to sacrifice overall safety for sustainability.

Even still, accidents do occur, and those who are injured could face steep medical charges. A lawyer could help those injured pursue compensation.