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Do side guards minimize injuries during a trucking accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | blog, Truck Accidents |

Trucking accidents can be some of the most fatal throughout New Jersey. Due to the size of the tractor trailer, it’s not surprising to understand just why so many accidents result in severe and even fatal injuries. Fortunately, side guards seem to be the key to helping to minimize injuries during these trucking accidents.

What are side guards?

Side guards are metal constructs that are placed in the dead space underneath a tractor trailer. These guards are easily fitted between the two innermost axles of the truck, so they help to prevent motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrian and vehicle drivers from being run over by the rear wheels of the tractor trailer.

How do side guards minimize injuries?

A large portion of all commercial truck accidents are a result of side collisions. In most cases, a vehicle collides head-on with the side of the trailer that the tractor is pulling. When this happens without a side guard present, the car tends to slide under the trailer, resulting in severe entrapment. As the truck is unlikely to stop quickly enough, the rear wheels of the truck run the driver over.

Side guards help to fill that void where the car can get stuck under the truck. Instead of being pulled completely under the trailer, the car smashes into the side guard and diverts away from the trailer. This prevents passenger car drivers from getting run over by the rear axles of the truck.

When it comes to reducing the severity of injuries from trucking accidents, side guards are a potential solution. These innovative guards help to protect vehicles and others on the roadway from being wedged underneath the truck. Without the possibility of getting run over by the truck, people are more likely to suffer minimal injuries from the collision, but not all trucks are mandated to have these guards installed. If you were seriously injured in a crash with a commercial truck, you may want an attorney to assist with pursuing compensation.