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How can I avoid accidents as a motorcyclist?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

It is no secret that driving a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a traditional four-wheel passenger vehicle. However, there are some basic actions that motorcyclists can do to help lessen their likelihood of being in a crash.

Of course, the basic safety precautions apply: wear a helmet and don’t drink alcohol while operating a motorcycle and you are less likely to be in an accident or sustain serious injury. According to Motorcycle Cruiser, motorcyclists can also make sure that they are visible and choose driving routes carefully to avoid accidents.

How can I improve my visibility?

Improving visibility is paramount to safety on a motorcycle: if a car does not know that you exist, it is more likely to hit you. A great way to be more visible is to always keep the high beam lights on, even during the day.

Additionally, even though the traditional color for motorcyclists is black, choosing a bright jacket color will go a long way toward ensuring that other cars can see you.

How can my route help keep me safe?

Some roads are more dangerous than others. Generally speaking, the highway is the safest bet. Even though the speeds are higher on highways, everybody is driving the same direction and there is no cross traffic.

Another good tip is to make sure that if you are driving on busy roads that you stay with the pack of traffic. It is tempting to dart through the lanes and take the lead, but if you do this there is an increased risk of cross-traffic hitting you since you are not “protected” by a pack of cars.