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What can keep a motorcycle passenger safe?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

It is very important that motorcycle operators take ample precautions to stay safe while on the back of a bike. Wearing a helmet and appropriate safety gear can go a long way toward preventing catastrophic accidents or motorcycle operators. 
However, it is also important to ensure that motorcycle passengers are safe on the back of the bike as well. According to Esurance, being a motorcycle passenger requires practice and attention. 
How can I be a good motorcycle passenger? 
The first thing is to ensure that you meet the basic requirements. Basically, you need to be tall enough for your legs to reach the motorcycle foot pegs. Otherwise, it can be very dangerous and difficult to stay on the motorcycle. Usually, this means that children should not be riding on motorcycles. 
It is also important to understand proper procedure. Your feet should stay on the foot pegs at all times, and not go to the ground, even when the motorcycle stops. It is not necessary and can be dangerous to lean too much in two turns, but it is important to keep your body weight centered on the bike. 
Where should I hold on? 

In addition to having a good grip on the bike with your feet on the foot pegs, there are several places you can put your hands to help brace you. Some bikes (commonly sport bikes) have handles behind the passenger to grab on to. If there are no hand grips, you can put your arms around the operator. However, it is important for you to brace your hands against the motorcycle’s gas tank to prevent pushing the operator too far forward when the motorcycle stops.