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Cyclists deaths up 25% since 2010

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Riding a bike is a healthy, environmentally friendly way to get around New Jersey, but statistics show that the number of people dying in bicycle crashes has risen sharply in recent years. If you count yourself among the many people across the state who ride bikes to get around, it is important that you understand the risks involved and work to reduce them accordingly.

According to Vice, the number of Americans dying in bicycle crashes increased by 10% since 2018, and a whopping 25% since 2010. In just 2017, more than 780 cyclists died on the nation’s roadways, even though many areas across the United States have taken efforts to make cycling easier and safer for residents.

Urban areas especially dangerous

Studies show that your risks as a cyclist are higher when you ride in cities, as opposed to in smaller towns or suburbs. About 75% of all cyclist deaths across the United States currently take place in major cities.

New York City, for example, was the most dangerous city in the nation for cyclists in 2019, with 19 people losing their lives in bike accidents that year. This is nearly double the number of lives lost due to these circumstances in 2018, and it suggests that urban areas must do better at creating safe bike lanes and otherwise protecting their cyclists.

Safe cycling infrastructure needed

Safety advocates argue that communities should be able to reduce cyclist injuries and deaths by investing in safe-cycling infrastructures, such as protected bike lanes and increased signage.

Many people also contend that the nation should be able to reduce bike crashes, injuries and fatalities by enhancing enforcement efforts and holding drivers accountable when they crash into and injure or kill cyclists.